'Servant of the People'

Chris Giles for Sheriff

‘Servant of the People’


It has been my honor to serve the community of King George County


My career with the King George Sheriff's office has evolved through the promotional process, starting in the patrol division as a Deputy Sheriff and now serving as Chief Deputy, second in command to the Sheriff.

My law enforcement career started as a Military Police Officer in the United States Marine Corps for eight years and after an Honorable discharge, I worked as the Town Sergeant in Bowling Green, Virginia.

It is now my desire to serve the citizen of King George County as your Sheriff and continue to keep King George County a safe place to live, work, and raise a family.

It has been my honor to serve the citizens of King George County for the past 25 years as a Deputy Sheriff under the watchful eyes of Sheriff “Moose” Dobson and Sheriff Steve Dempsey.

I appreciate your support in the upcoming election and look forward to serving you as your Sheriff.

Your Humble Servant,
Chris Giles

Giles knows the responsibilities of the Sheriff’s Office and will continue the legacy we have worked hard to build for the citizens of King George County.
— Sheriff Steve Dempsey

My Platform

Pursue excellence                                        

As your Sheriff I will continue the pursuit of excellence as your public servant. I will strive to bring the community and Sheriff’s Office together through understanding and open mindedness.

fight opioid addiction & illegal drug distribution

I will continue the fight on opioid addiction as well as the illegal drug distribution.

keep the DARE program         

I will keep the DARE program in place to ensure our youth have the right tools to make the right decisions.

use modern technology to fight crime

I will continue to move the Sheriff’s Office forward using the most modern technology to fight crime.

keep School Resource Officers

I will keep the School Resource Officers (SROs) in the schools to protect our students.

enforce laws, guarantee equal protection, keep our citizens safe

I will continue to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth and the Constitution of the United States to guarantee equal protection to everyone and protect our citizens.

work within the budget    

I will work within our budget, and seek out other sources such as grants to ensure citizens get the best protection and our office receives the best training and equipment.

ensure the finest traditions of the office    

I will ensure that the Sheriff’s Office serves the citizens of King George in the finest traditions of the office.


"I first meet Chris when he was a Sergeant with the Sheriff's Office. Over the past 13 plus years I have had the privilege of working with Chris to help train crisis negotiators from the FBI, state/local police agencies as well as police officers from overseas at the FBI Academy. Working with Chris I saw a future Sheriff in the making. Chris understands what it takes to manage a changing law enforcement agency, what it takes to meet citizens expectations of the Sheriff's Office and what it takes to be a top notch leader of a Sheriff's Office. Chris is the right person to be the next Sheriff of King George County."


- Daniel Besseck, Jr.
Ret. Detective First Class
Howard County Police, Maryland